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USPA NEWS - At a Time when Companies are faced with an Enduring Situation of Instability and Consumers with sometimes Paradoxical Expectations, how can they stay on course for Business Performance and maximize their Impact?
At a Time when Companies are faced with an Enduring Situation of Instability and Consumers with sometimes Paradoxical Expectations, how can they stay on course for Business Performance and maximize their Impact?
HUBFORUM 2023 brought together Key Market Leaders and their Teams on October 3 & 4 at the Pavillon d'Armenonville (in Paris). Diving into the Heart of Innovation with over 100 Inspiring Testimonials, scheduling Attendees' Meetings with the Solutions that will drive their Roadmap Forward, and connecting with Peers at VIP Networking Events!
----- THE THEMES discussed were as follow:

- Smarter Vision, Stronger Business
Ability to demonstrate Short-Term Business Agility to overcome Uncertainty, while projecting a Long-Term Vision to maximize your Impact, is the Key to Sustainable Development.
Emmanuel VIVIER
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Mickaël VINET CEO Coca Cola france
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* Navigating the new normal
* Smart Fashion = Big Impact
* All Aboard the Hype Train: Transforming Fans into Customers
* How is Aroma-Zone transforming its Experience while staying True to its Values?
* The Impact of Inaction in 2023: What Changes can you make to boost your Sales Success and streamline your Costs?
Theophile TEURCQ & Ismaïl BERRADA
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
* E-commerce, the New Trend of Click, Mortar and Platform: the Alliance between Darty and Rakuten France
* Agility & Innovation: the Essentials for facilitating Sustainable Mobility Today and Tomorrow
* Customer Experience in the Age of AI
* Generating Growth in the Age of Control
* Modernization and Innovation: how does the Retail offer boost Business Renewal?
* In an Uncertain Environment, how can we tap into the Potential of the Company and its Teams to find New Levers for Long-Term
Laurent LANDEL
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Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
- Smarter Data, Higher Performance
Collection, Quality, Storage, Analysis, but also Protection against the Growing Risks of Fraud and Cyber-Attacks: the Challenge is to succeed, while respecting Privacy, in bringing together the Best Conditions for relying on this Strategic Asset. Advertising Campaigns, Customer Engagement, Sales Performance, Forecasting: the Precision of Measurement, Targeting and Decision-Making Tools applies to all Businesses.
Myriam EL OUNI
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Laetitia ZINETTI
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* Generative AI at Scale at Schneider Electric
* Optimizing the Customer Experience: combine CDP and AI to excel
* Generative AI: Revolution or Mere Fad?
* The Era of Monologues is over, the Future of Brands lies in AI-Driven Conversations
* How Renault CRM uses Data to move from Volume to Value with Equancy
Pauline BOEDELS & Martin TERRIER
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Alexandre DE VIGAN
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* How to Connect with Consumers in the Current Turbulent Economy?
* Transformation and Innovation: Publicis Groupe, Vivatech, Escalator and YourArt in the Spotlight
* From Indifference to Engagement: How to captivate and maintain Audience Attention?
* Digital Transformation in the Era of Generative AI
* Advertising Attention: from Buzzword to Performance
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
* Frugal Marketing: How CMOs can maximize Marketing Impact across the Entire Customer Journey?
* How is the Consumer Credit Sector adapting to the Current Crises?
* Generative AI and Data as Performance Drivers!
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
- Smarter Marketing, Deeper Engagement
Today, Marketing is at a Turning Point, with ever more Powerful Tools at your Fingertips: while Empowerment and Personalization are Essential Levers, their Implementation and Scalability often remain Challenges. The Content Marketing Revolution is also Underway with Generative AI, a New Bow in the Creative Arsenal that is shaking up All Sectors: Saving Time, Boosting Creativity, Identifying Emerging Trends...
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
* Generative AI: The Future of Limitless Marketing
* Co-Creation at the Service of Transformation for Meaningful Marketing
* Boost your Brand with Complementary Advertising Formats and maximize your Full Funnel Effectiveness on YouTube
* How Intermarché is optimising its Media Strategy with a Data-Driven Approach
* How Augmented Intelligence can serve Customer Engagement!
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
* How does PMU optimize the Attention Generated by its Digital Messages to maximize their Impact?
* Create Product Pages that convert
* Mobility Media and Retail Media: Pepsi's Journey with Uber
* EDF raises French People's Awareness of Energy Sobriety thanks to Snapchat's Augmented Reality
* How do you win over Millennials?
* Undiz Media Remix: the necessary Customer-Centric Revolution in a Fast-Changing Media Ecosystem
- Smarter Experience, Happier Customer
At a time when the Consumer dictates the Rules of the Game, Omnichannel Commerce is giving Way to Unified Commerce, which Places the Customer at the Center of the Journey. How can you offer a Truly Differentiating Experience through this Prism?

What are the Key Expectations you need to identify in order to attract and retain your Customers? From New Shopping Experiences (3D Commerce, Live Shopping...) to the Reinvention of the Physical Point of Sale, from Clienteling to animating your Communities, it's all about creating Emotion for Everyone, while offering a Seamless Customer Journey for all.
* Discover France's Top Young Digital Talents!
* Circular Economy at the Heart of Tarkett's Sustainable Transformation
* Putting the Company Back at the Heart of the Transformation of Society
* The Integration of Web3 Technologies in Entertainment: the FDJ Group unveils its Game
* How is ADEO using Storytelling to move towards New Business Models?
* The B2B Experience: Digitizing Intermediary Distributors to optimize Customer Satisfaction!
* Generative AI x Carrefour : Approach and Use Cases
* Achieving a Triple Transformation: Digital, Sustainable and Organizational
* The Era of Intelligent Customer Experience: how to optimize Customer Satisfaction while controlling Costs thanks to AI
Source: Smart Business - Big Impact
2023 HubForum Event
On 3-4 October 2023
@ Pavillion d'Armenonville in Paris

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